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Did you know...

The Great Lakes contain an estimated 5,500 cubic miles of water – a fifth of all the liquid surface fresh water on Earth.

Two-thirds of Ohio's borders are water (Lake Erie and the Ohio River).

Recent estimates indicate that Ohioans use approximately 11,700 million gallons of water per day (MGD) for various purposes.

A dairy cow must drink four gallons of water to produce one gallon of milk.

Sources noted: Aqua.wisc.edu, Epa.state.oh.us, Ohioline.osu.edu, and Ci.lancaster.oh.us.

CWS offers products for the treatment, maintenance and operation of Water, Wastewater, and Aquatic Systems.

Aerators & Fountains


The AA Airator™ CWS Environmental fabricates this bottom-draw venturi-style aerator for maximum velocity and turnover for the water column. The system features dual intakes near the bottom of the pond/lake, a pipe mounted diffuser, and all proper valves and fittings. There is no electrical submerged in the water, thus making it safe for aquatic life and humans. This venturi-style aerator also creates more of a water feature adding to the beauty of the pond or lake.

Vertex Water Features uses a minimum of Dual Membrane Diffusers, the Vertex CoActive AirStation and AirStation XL systems consist of small shore mounted compressors (1/3hp-2/3hp) feeding a configuration of Self-Cleaning AirStation Diffusers. Vertex Aerator Systems carry a five-year warranty on the cabinet enclosure and AirStation diffuser assemblies, two years on the compressor and electrical parts, and 15 years on the self-sinking air line. Vertex Aeration Systems are the perfect solution for improving water quality. For complete product line, visit www.vertexwaterfeatures.com and to place on order, please contact CWS.


Aquamaster® aerators and fountains give nature a boost by treating the causes of poor water quality, including algae and gas buildup. For models and products specs, visit them online at www.aquamasterfountains.com.

Products are available in various sizes and displays. Please contact us for orders and additional information.

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