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Did you know...

Households without plumbing spend an average of 90 minutes a day hauling water for family needs. The average American tap delivers the same amount of water in two minutes.

70% of water withdrawn from freshwater systems goes toward irrigation.

1.2 billion people – or almost 1 out of 5 people in the world – are without access to safe drinking water and half of the world's population lacks adequate water purification systems.

Sources noted: CBSMonitor.com and PBS.org

CWS offers products for the treatment, maintenance and operation of Water, Wastewater, and Aquatic Systems.

Treatment & Cleaning Products

Bio-Treatment™ Line

Our brand name products are made from non-pathogenic bacteria or microbes (not harmful or disease causing) and, if used as directed, are safe for humans and water systems.

Bio-Boost Plus™

Bio-Boost Plus is a liquid formulation of
non-pathogenic bacterial strains created specifically for the digestion and removal of oils, fats and grease deposits, other possible organic contanimations, and odors. This product provides superior maintenance and control with grease traps, drain lines, sewer lines, lift stations and wet wells.


Bio-Feed uses Bio-Boost Plus product and
is available in 5 gallon and 15 gallon containers that are specifically designed
for our metering pumps.


Flushable and mixable water-soluable packets containing microorganisms with more superior fat, oil and grease digesting ability! These bacterial strains are combined with biological enhancers, micronutrients, and macronutrients and are capable of degrading a wide range of animal and vegetable oils and greases as well as food residuals. Bio-Fog is most commonly used in commercial and residential drains, grease traps, and garbage disposals, but can also be utilized for sewer lines and lift stations.


A solid formulation of grease degraders created to be used in conjunction with the liquid Bio-Boost Plus or by itself. It is most frequently used in grease traps, interceptors, manholes, and lift stations to control oils,
fats and grease deposits, other organic contaminations, and odors.


A flushable, water-soluble formula to help maintain septic systems, reduce odors, reduce line and leach field backups, and breakdown organic compounds, sludge, and solids.


A free flowing liquid composed of bacteria and biological enhancers, nutrients, and surfactants. Most commonly used in leach fields, septic systems, grease traps, porta-toilets, and drain lines to reduce odors, backups, and breakdown organic compounds.


Water-soluble packets containing microorganisms as well as a micronutrient blend specially selected for sludge and muck reduction in fresh water ponds and lagoons.
It is used to control grease, control foaming and scum, reduce odors, digest leaf-litter, digest decaying matter, and assist in the control of algae/aquatic weeds.

Products are available in various amounts. Please contact us for sizes and prices.

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